Running a three day anime convention takes a lot of dedication from many people. However, it is rewarding and opens a lot of opportunities for awesome experiences such as meeting people, meeting guests, attending events, being creative, participating with the community and much more! Be aware that all positions are non-paid, but as staff members, you will be issued a badge, access to staff lounge, rooms, merchandise, other perks, etc. You are essentially bartering your effort for these items. Positions highlighted in red are open for interviews. Please send an email to to inquire for those staff positions. Or if you would like to work under a specific department in a capacity not listed here, please send us an email as well.


Convention Director Assistant: OPEN

  • Assists the Convention Director with various tasks.
  • Builds relationship with other staff members.

Programming Moderator: OPEN

  • Works under the Programming Director.
  • Oversees and makes sure equipment is set for each panel in an assigned programming room.
  • Notifies panelists of time limits.
  • Offers panelists or attendees assistance if necessary.
  • Count Audience at the start and end of the panel.

U.S. Guest Director: OPEN

  • Recruits and organizes liaisons.
  • Prepares and assigns each guest to a liaison.
  • Research potential guests and secures their contract for the upcoming convention.
  • Be aware of what is happening with each guest at all times.
  • Assists liaisons if necessary.
  • Coordinates with agents and guests on transportation and other needs prior to convention.

Pre-Events Coordinator: OPEN

  • Create events to promote Taiyou Con before the convention.
  • Works to build relationships with outside venues to expand pre-events locations.
  • Organizes and manages the Street Team.
  • Attends other conventions and coordinates Taiyou Con booths/tables along with Street Team.
  • On standby and assists where needed during the convention.

Photography/Videography Coordinator: OPEN

  • Works under the Marketing Director
  • Recruit and manage a team of photographers and videographer for Taiyou Con.
  • Taking photos and videos of Taiyou Con events.
  • Collects photos and videos taken by recruited photographers and videographers.
  • Reviews and edits photos/videos when taken at Taiyou Con events.
  • Collaborate with Marketing Director and Social Media coordinator on how to use photos and videos.

Guest Liaison: CLOSED

  • Works under the Guest Director.
  • Attends to the needs of your assigned guest for the duration of the convention.
  • Makes sure that the guest have a good time
  • Ensures guest attends all of their panel, interview, signing, or any other appearance ON TIME.
  • Act as middle man between attendees and staff.
  • Communicates with assistants to get something for the guest that you can’t get yourself.
  • Represent the convention in a friendly and responsible manner.
  • Be prepared for anything.

Hospitality Suite Assistant: OPEN

  • Manages the staff and guest lounges.
  • Assists guests if necessary.
  • Makes sure the rooms is only accessed by staff or guests.
  • Relax and talk with people.

General Staff: OPEN

  • Assists in any department for the course of the year.

Vendor Hall Manager: OPEN

  • Assists with vendor hall setup, vendor badge distribution and clean up.
  • Checks in vendors as they arrive at the convention.
  • Checks out vendors as they pack up and leave.
  • Build relationships with vendors.
  • Ensure that vendors have everything they need for the weekend for an enjoyable experience.

Registration Staff: OPEN

  • Check in pre-paid attendees, hand out badges, and programming guides.
  • Answers questions regarding the convention.

Registration Director: CLOSED

  • Manages the Registration Staff for optimal badge pick up and purchases.
  • Sets up registration area.
  • Determines what is the best logistics for registration lines.