Taiyou Con staff are all unpaid volunteers working very hard to bring Arizona a great convention! We work in many different capacities for the convention, from organizing Registration to scheduling volunteer shifts to planning panels.

However, staff cannot run this convention alone, and thus we recruit volunteers to help perform simple, yet vital, tasks throughout the convention. These tasks include, but are not limited to, badge checker, cosplay repair desk attendant, hospitality suite attendant and vendor hall setup.

Volunteer Benefits

For Taiyou Con, you earn a single day membership badge for every four (4) hours you volunteer.

  • Four (4) hours of volunteering will get you a free one-day membership badge.
  • Eight (8) hours of volunteering will get you two free one-day membership badges.
  • Twelve (12) hours or more of volunteering will get you three free one-day membership badges and a Taiyou-con T-shirt! (While supplies last)

You can also get volunteer CFE hours for some of your college classes.

Volunteering Specifics

A form of identification is required to volunteer at Taiyou Con. Not only are IDs used to confirm your identity at volunteer check-in, but they are used as collateral to ensure volunteers complete their hours and return our volunteer badges to us. You will not be allowed to volunteer without a form of identification. Acceptable forms of identification are those that are administered by a government agency, official institute or company that clearly shows your legal name and a photo, such as state IDs, passports, school IDs and work badges. Identification with date of birth on it is required for those who and are scheduled to do ID checking for 18+ panels, as those individuals need to be over the age of eighteen (18).

Volunteers will only be awarded and allowed to use a membership badge after they have successfully completed hours. This means a membership badge must be earned before a volunteer can attend any programming. The only exception to this rule is when a volunteer has a shift on the final day of con, usually Sunday. In such a case, a volunteer will be allowed to pick up and use their badge before their shift, but their ID will be left with volunteer registration as collateral until their hours have been completed.

Additionally, volunteers may only earn a badge for the day they volunteer on unless:

  • They have a shift that ends after registration closes. In which case, they may choose to either have the badge for the remainder of that day or the day after.
  • They work eight hours in one day, which will earn them a badge for the day they work and the day after they work.

There is a lot to be done to make Taiyou Con fantastic–if you’re interested in helping with Taiyou Con in any way, we will gladly take the assistance. Thanks for your interest in helping! We can’t wait to have you as part of the Taiyou Con family.

To learn more about becoming an hourly volunteer at Taiyou Con, contact the Volunteer Relations Manager at volunteer@taiyoucon.com