Taiyou Con is excited to announce our first ever Nikkō Festival! Heavily inspired by traditional Japanese outdoor festivals, the Taiyou Con Nikkō Festival will feature classic games such as ring toss, goldfish scooping, and a shooting gallery – and if you’re feeling daring, you can try taking down the giant daruma! The best part? Game tickets are included for free with your TaiyouCon badge, with more available for purchase!

Festival description:

24 Festival tickets will be given out with the purchase of a Taiyou Con badge with more available to be purchased.


Cost: 7 tickets
Description: Towering over all and just looking to be knocked down a peg. Can you knock down this tower piece by piece without toppling the whole structure? Glory or defeat awaits!

Ring Toss

Cost: 3 Tickets
Description: The classic game you all know and love! Toss rings onto the different bottles to win a prize!

Shooting Gallery

Cost: 5 Tickets
Description: Think you have the most accurate shot? Prove it by taking on the shooting gallery, land the most shots to win a prize. Play by yourself or go head to head the choice is yours!

Fish scoop

Cost: 5 Tickets
Description: Are you a master fisherman? What if all you have was a piece of paper to catch one? Catch a fish doing just that and win a prize! All that stands in your way is between victory and defeat is a thin sheet of paper!

Fortune Telling:

Cost: 2 Tickets
Description: Don’t feel like leaving things to chance?! Have your fortune told to see what tomorrow might hold!


Cost: 2 Tickets
Description: Feel like leaving things to chance? Try your luck at the lottery wheel to see if you win big!