Taiyou Con 2018 Masquerade Rules & Guidelines

Each year, Taiyou Con Staff strive to present a masquerade that can be fully enjoyed by both contestants and audience members. As such, the number one rule, whether you are participating or watching, is to have fun.

Eligibility & Registration Guidelines

All contestants must be a Taiyou Con weekend attendee or Saturday attendee.

Taiyou Con allows a total of 35 entries to sign up for the masquerade. Each entry may consist of a single person or a group of up to eight people. Each person may only participate in one entry.

All contestants must either pre-register online or register in person with the cosplay desk by 12:00pm the day of the masquerade. We highly recommend pre-registering early as we have filled up 35 entries online and when that happens, at con in person registration will not be available.

Pre-registered contestants must check in with the cosplay desk by 12:00pm the day of the masquerade.

Upon check-in or in-person registration, contestants wishing to be eligible for awards must sign up for a judging slot—judging times run from 12:00-5:00pm the day of the masquerade.

Contestants must turn in audio as an .mp3 file to masquerade@taiyoucon.com before Monday, January 1st. If you do not email your audio file by Monday, January 1st, you will be unable to provide audio.

If you need anything changed on your entry form, please email the Masquerade Director right away.

Costume Rules & Guidelines

Cosplay entries must be derived from any type of media East Asian media, or East Asian inspired. For any clarifications, or if you are unsure, please e-mail masquerade@taiyoucon.com (If you would like to enter with a costume that is not of East Asian origin, you will be put on a waiting list and will be notified if a spot opens up the day before the convention starts).

Costumes based on fan art or original creations may be allowed with the permission of the Masquerade Director and the Cosplay Director and will be decided on a case by case basis. Please e-mail masquerade@taiyoucon.com for eligibility questions.

All entrants must have an image/photo reference of the character their costume is based on. Having progress photos of your work is heavily advised but not required.

Costumes must be at least 80% handmade by a member or members of the group. Modified or enhanced items will be left to the judges’ discretion.

All costumes and props must be in accordance with the convention’s dress code and weapons policy.

All costumes must be appropriate for general audiences [PG-13], and costumes deemed inappropriate are subject to eviction and disqualification from the masquerade at any time.

Taiyou-con reserves the right to evict any contestant at the discretion of the Cosplay Director.

All members must be present for pre-judging.

Taiyou Con has four divisions, three of which are eligible for major awards.


  • For contestants with outstanding costume making experience.
  • Any contestant may enter.


  • For contestants with intermediate costume making experience
  • Any contestants that have won more than three major division awards [Best in Journeyman or Best Craftsmanship Journeyman;excludes Judges’ awards] cannot enter in the Journeyman Division.


  • For contestants with few or no prior costume making experience.
  • Any contestants that have won more than three major division awards [Best in Novice, or Best Craftsmanship Novice; excludes Judges’ awards] cannot enter the Novice Division.


  • Entrants 12 and under who have not won any division awards [this excludes Judges’ awards] can enter.

Out of Competition:

  • Anyone can register, not eligible for awards

If you have any questions regarding which division you should register as, please contact the Cosplay Director at cosplay@taiyoucon.com

Performance Guidelines

Performance will be split in three categories; walk-ons, dance skits and skits.

  • Walk-ons are limited to one minute.
  • Dance skits are limited to one minute thirty seconds.
  • Skits are limited to three minutes.

All performances must be appropriate for general audiences [PG-13].

All audio must be pre-recorded. No mics will be provided.

Loose, messy, or dangerous props—such as confetti or firecrackers—are not allowed under any circumstances.

While sets are allowed, due to safety and logistical reasons we ask that all set pieces be easy to assemble and disassemble, as well as easily movable/lightweight. Set-up and teardown time for all sets is limited to 45 seconds. Sets may be stored in the Green Room or back stage beginning Saturday morning. No connections to electric sockets will be provided.

While there will be stage ninjas available to help place set pieces, they cannot be held accountable for any mistakes. As such, please bring your own stage ninjas to assist in set-up should you need it.

Taiyoucon 2018 Masquerade Sign Ups Are Now Closed