Are you coming from out of state? We are so happy to have you join us! It may be a little confusing going to the convention center from Skyharbor Airport, but we have some options for you!


Best Option: Super Shuttle

Super Shuttle is pretty cheap and will take you directly to the hotel. If you buy a roundtrip ride, it will come pick you up at the hotel too! It’s your cheapest and easiest option. Reserve a ride online at

And grab a discount code too!


Expensive Option: Taxi

Taxi will cost you quite a bit. We are not saying you can’t do it, but just beware that it may be expensive. There are taxis at the airport waiting at the curb. Just grab one!


Public Transportation: Light Rail

The light rail is currently. This will be your cheapest option since it will cost about $3 each way. The ride to the convention will take about an hour.


Rent A Car: Available at the Skyharbor Airport

If you want to rent a car, you can do it at the airport. With a car, you can travel around town as well. And there is free parking at the convention center and hotel. This option will also cost more money than the options above.


Questions? Please email