Taiyou Con Weapons Policy may change at anytime during the convention. All weapons and weapon props need to be peace bonded at the peace bonding station. Details regarding specific procedures and weapons are stated below.

Please note that Taiyou Con reserves the right to ask anyone to change or leave the premises on the basis of inappropriate dress at the discretion of both the Cosplay Director and the Convention Director. Taiyou Con is considered to be a PG-13 event, and the dress of attendees should reflect that.

The following is a non-comprehensive list of dress considered inappropriate by Taiyou Con. If you have any questions, please contact Mei at masquerade@taiyoucon.com.

  • Discriminatory or vulgar symbols or words
  • Uncovered skin in excess of what would be considered appropriate in a traditional public setting
  • Costumes not providing the wearer with a clear line of sight
  • Bare feet—shoes may be removed for photos, but must be replaced immediately
  • Roller skates, roller blades, ice skates, skateboards
  • If your costume is particularly large or has many protrusions such as wings or spikes, you may be asked to change if it is found that you are not exercising enough responsibility while wearing the costume.

All weapons will be subject to inspection by Taiyou Con security. If the weapon is approved, the weapon will be peace bonded* with a zip-tie. This zip-tie is not to be removed for the duration of the event. If the weapon is not approved, you will be asked to either store it in your hotel room or remove it from the convention site. The following is a non-comprehensive list of weapons that will not be permitted:

Not Permitted Weapons/Props…

  • Real firearms, loaded or otherwise, including (but not limited to) BB guns, pellet guns, air guns, paint-ball guns, and dart guns.
  • Live steel of any kind that cannot be secured in its sheath.
  • Flail weapons, such as Nunchaku
  • Aluminum baseball bats
  • Yaoi paddles
  • Self-defense weapons such as pepper spray, mace, stun-guns, and Tasers
  • Golf clubs

Weapons that are easily identifiable as props—such as replica firearms or wooden swords—are permitted, as well as any handmade items that do not pose a threat to other attendees. Water guns, horns, and buckets are permitted; NERF guns, air soft guns are permitted but must be examined on a case by case basis and peace bonded.
*The peace bonding process is an agreement on the part of the attendee to exercise responsibility in regards to the prop in question. If the attendee is found to be acting in an irresponsible way (i.e. using the prop to inflict harm, etc.) the prop will be subject to confiscation.

All fake, prop, or homemade weapons are permitted if they are in no way dangerous to attendees. Taiyou Con Security Staff will determine on a case-by-case basis whether a fake, prop, or homemade weapon is dangerous.

Staff decisions will be final.


Peace Bonding in Detail*

Attendees are required to have all such weapons (props, fake, homemade, etc.) peace bonded by Taiyou Con Security prior to roaming convention space. There will be a peace bonding station located near the Taiyou Con Registration area or Information Desk area or Security Desk area.

A weapon/prop definitely requires peace bonding if:
• A person could think it is a genuine weapon from 20 feet away.
• A person could reasonably conclude that the item may cause physical harm or damage to property.

All weapons deemed unsafe for the convention by Taiyou Con Security must be removed from the convention space and stored in private quarters (car, home, hotel room). The skill or lack of skill of the person in possession of a prop weapon is irrelevant to the determination of whether or not it is dangerous.


Behavior with Weapons/Props in Detail

Misuse of any prop weapon, such as swinging it in a public area or causing hazards to others, will result in the weapon or prop being deemed unsafe for the convention. If a weapon or prop is deemed unsafe for the convention due to misuse, it must be removed from the convention space and stored in private quarters for the remainder of the convention.


Prohibited Weapons in Detail (non-comprehensive list)

Live steel is not permitted unless the item can be secured in its sheath by Taiyou Con Security, and it is not removed during the convention. Live steel is defined as swords, knives, or other objects made of metal which can take an edge. Bullwhips and other stockwhips are not permitted unless they are rolled up and secured by Taiyou Con Security and remain that way during the convention.

Guns and projectile weapons are prohibited at Taiyou Con. Examples of guns and projectile weapons include but are not limited to live guns, pellet guns, BB guns, air guns, crossbows, dart guns, and blowguns. Exceptions may be made for non-live guns that are not loaded and can be disabled by Taiyou Con Security. Replicas of live guns are permitted if they are easily identifiable as props. Nunchaku and other flail weapons are prohibited.

Incendiary devices are not permitted. All devices which spark, shoot flame, burn, smolder, can otherwise cause combustion, or which exist for no purpose other than to be lit with a combustion device, are considered incendiary devices.

Illegal weapons are prohibited at Taiyou Con. Attendees found to be carrying illegal weapons will be immediately reported to appropriate authorities.

Concealed weapons are prohibited. All prop weapons must be carried in plain view and cannot be concealed.


Dealers Room Purchases and Prizes

Any prohibited weapons purchased or won as prizes at Taiyou Con must be securely packaged and immediately removed from the convention space. Weapons should be stored in attendees’ private quarters and are not to be taken out of their packaging or wrapping at any time on convention premises.

All prop weapons purchased or won as prizes at the convention must be peace bonded by Taiyou Con security if they are to be carried during the convention.