Following in the footsteps of Anime Expo, Taiyou Con is proud to introduce our Cosplay Senpai program. This program handpicks local cosplayers who support our community through positivity online and at conventions. We invite them to Taiyou in order to promote fun, passion, and acceptance within out local cosplay community through panels.

Taiyou Con believes that cosplay is for absolutely anyone regardless of race, gender, size, sexuality, ability, shape, or skill level. Our Cosplay Senpai help us to promote this message by:

  • Giving back to the community through informational panels and workshops.
  • Promoting positivity online and at conventions.
  • Actively engaging with the cosplay community online and in person.
  • Actively promoting the idea that cosplay is for everyone in person and online.

2018 Cosplay Senpai

Coming soon!