Arizona's Ultimate Anime Experience

Over 400+ Hours of Things to Do


Amazing Cosplays

Join our cosplay masquerade competition.


Vendor Hall

Friday: 2pm- 8pm, Saturday: 10am- 7pm, Sunday: 10am- 4pm

Weekend Membership Badge: $40 Online Only

Door Prices
Weekend Badge: $45
Friday: $30
Saturday: $30
Sunday: $25

Premiere Programming

Whether you’re interested in the fan panels, guest Q&A’s or just can’t get enough of our main events, be sure to stop by and check out our 400+ hours of entertainment. Click here to view programming!

Cosplay Extravaganza

Official cosplay gatherings, masquerade showcase and competition, and beautiful locations! From beginners to masters, all cosplayers are welcomed to participate in the fun activities or just hang out to meet people.

Awesome Guests

At Taiyou Con, you’ll have a chance to meet your favorite voice actor, singer or artist. Our guest list is top-notch, and we want you to have the best experience. Check out our entire lineup!

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Main Events at Taiyou Con...

Late Night Lounges

Inside Cafe Azul at the Marriott, we will be taking over the restaurant and serving custom theme drinks from your favorite anime! The maids, bunnies, or whatever the theme will be that night will keep the patrons entertained.

Ribbon Challenge

Get a ribbons for things you do at the convention and stick ththem on your badge. Maybe you need to attend a panel or just wear a certain color. Just ask around. Show us that you like our facebook page at Registration, and you’ll get a “Been there, Done that!” ribbon. ;)

Friday Night Music Event

Our Friday Night Main Event will consist of a performance from Banshee Beat, Random aka Mega Ran, and Lotus Juice. Don’t miss the free performance for badge members! Come with glowsticks and energy because it will be epic. Check the schedule for performance time.

Gym Leader Battle Challenge

Grab your Nintendo DS and start your journey. Throughout the convention, there are gym leaders standing by to battle. If you defeat them, you will earn a ribbon. Get all ribbons and face the Final Four on Sunday to win it all. Be sure to have the latest Pokemon DS game.

Fan Panels and 18+ Panels 

We have lots of panels! For those that would like panels that are more adult oriented, we have those too! In these panels, it’s crazier, funnier, louder and you won’t have to worry about offending little kids. Usually, these are in the evenings, so stop on by!


Ready to show off that awesome cosplay? Want to gather a group of friends and perform a skit with Kingdom Hearts characters? Here’s your chance. Sign up online on the Masquerade page!

Video Game & Table Top Gaming

AZHP operates our gaming room with plenty of console, PC and arcade games. They are free to play! From first person shooters to fighting games, there is something for everyone. There are also table top games as well!

Lip Sync Idol

It’s where you can do a solo or group performance of your favorite anime opening, Jpop, Kpop, etc. You can wear cosplay if want, and you don’t need to sing… you just need to perform like an idol! And we are very excited to announce that our first judge for this showdown is… Lotus Juice!

Vendor Hall

Our vendor hall will contain some of the best anime vendors. You can find wall scrolls, figures, models, plushies, and much more!

Friday: 2pm- 8pm
Saturday: 10am- 7pm
Sunday: 10am- 4pm

Artist Alley

We have one of the most comprehensive artist alleys around. From beginners to professionals, you can find something for yourself or a friend. Buy prints, commissions, crafts and things that you never thought existed. Our Artist Alley is located inside the Vendor Hall.

Sunspot Bazaar

It’s where you sell stuff. Got some manga or anime that you don’t want anymore? Sell it at the Sunspot Bazaar! It’s like a swap meet where you can find some cool items at a low price from other attendees. The bazaar will open in the Starlight Room at the Marriott hotel when the Dealers Hall closes.


Jpop, Kpop, anime… You name it. First come, first served sign up! Check for open mic hours in the schedule and programming guide.

Anime Viewing Room

Just want to sit down and watch anime? We got that. The Anime Viewing Room is sponsored by Crunchyroll.


Our late night dances are a way to unwind or just to let loose! The DJs will be spinning into the night so feel free to stop on by to listen to some music or just dance like no tomorrow. Dances will be held Friday and Saturday night.

Official Cosplay Gatherings

Taiyou Con will be hosting official cosplay gatherings. We have plenty of space including fountains, grass fields, cement walkways, gazebo areas, trees and many more. Our Cosplay Department will assign designated areas for each gatherings and what time they will start.

Autograph Sessions

Meet your favorite guests! While a limited number of guests will give free autographs, other guests will be charging for autographs and photos along with selling their prints/CDs. Please have a form of payment ready at the sessions.